Pallet marimba

Pallet made marimba bars

Interactive Light Installation@Circles and Squares, Mar 2012

Light installation for the purposes of dancing!
Here is a video of the installation in action.

Photos to come...


Saint paul Whispers, Nov 2011, Space For Change

Field recordings and interviews with participants at the Occupy London Stock Exchange Occupation.

Played through 20 pairs of headphones inviting people to spend time listening.

@ Parlour Gallery, London

The Tower Initial Drawings

 side view plan of stabilizing shaft for rod
 Mechanism with fan and wooden block
 Plan looking down on stabalizing shaft for rod and where it is fixed to the sides of the tower

 Wooden block attached to rod
 Tower with wooden clapboard, low entrance and wind powered fan
end support for rod attached to the sides of the towers. Bearings at the bottom of therod for smooth movement

Overall sketch of mechanism- Wind powered blades attached to rod which in turn the striker is attached to from the side. The rod rests in a groove with bearings to keep it turning smoothly. You can see the horizontal supports in which the rod is guided through also.

Louis and Koobie

DOGGIES! Lois and Koobie... As featured in the 3rd edition of the Half Circle poetry journal